Recreational Math, Puzzles, and Ideas

Here is where you can find my thoughts on a few recreational mathematics problems.
I plan to update this intermittently because:

1. It provides me an incentive to clean up and formalize my notes

2. It might be interesting or helpful for others thinking about these problems

(I am still in the process of getting old notes/experiments organized and on this site.)

Short Writeups

Searching For The Elusive Magic Square of Squares

On The Expected Area of Various Triangles in Squares

Maximum Sized Sets With Sums That Avoid Squares

Larger Projects

Which Sokoban boards have the longest shortest solutions?

My OEIS sequences / contributions

Other Interesting Puzzles and Links

Here are a few puzzles located on the web that I enjoy (in no particular order):

Kattis: Lots of fun programming competition problems. This is my go-to site for programming competititon practice.

Pathery: The goal is to be the first to find the best placement of walls to create longest path, and new puzzles are released at midnight everyday.

Robozzle: Difficult, but fun robot programming puzzles. Tricky puzzles heavily favor recursive solutions.

Sokoban Online: The largest collection of classic and modern Sokoban puzzles that I've found, and the easiest interface to play them. I've published a few puzzles on this site.

Dr. Erich Friedman's Monthly Puzzle Site: An interesting collection of packing, game theory, and graph theory related problems. I submitted some results to this problem.

Al Zimmermann's Programming Contests: Very interesting NP Hard programming problems and competitions.

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